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Torchlight 3 wraps up its campaign with a new zone on Monday

Halls of the mountain kings, birds, robots.

A little under a month after hitting Early Access, Torchlight 3 is already preparing to wrap up its story campaign. The early access diablike's first major update adds Mount Echonok, the third and final piece of Torchlight's story map, closing out the campaign with steam-powered robots, cyborg scavengers, and cleans up the game's more egregious bugs this coming Monday.

Torchlight 3's third and final location was revealed in a trailer this week, taking the game's steampunk mechs and train-wizards to the dusty corridors and lofty peaks of the abandoned dwarf fortress of Mount Echonok.

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The lower halls of Echonok are plagued by Dwarven automatons, walking furnaces built from bronze that still guard the abandoned homes of their short masters. So far, so Skyrim. But as you hack n' slash n' loot your way up the mountainside, you'll be greeted by the more unfamiliar Vultura - a race of mutated bird-folk scavengers who are big into body-modding.

Monday's patch isn't just about closing out Torchlight 3's campaign, though. A State Of The Game post over on Steam suggests the return of contracts, a kinda-sorta battle-pass system the devs were experimenting with back when Torchlight 3 was Torchlight Frontiers. While the switch brought the game straight back to its staunchly Diablo-ish roots, it seems developers Ecthra are bleeding in some of the live service aspects they dabbled with in Frontiers.

That post also lists some of the game's more pressing bugs and frustrations (including broken Steam 'cheevos, missing items, and Lifebound items just not being very much fun), many of which will be patched up on Monday. That list isn't exhaustive, and expect patch notes to arrive when Act 3 arrives on Steam this Monday, June 30th. Torchlight 3 is expected to launch in full later this year.

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