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Total War: Warhammer 2's latest Lords-a-leaping DLC out now

Alongside a big free update

Total War: Warhammer 2 seems terrifyingly vast already, but Creative Assembly keep adding to it. The latest of their smaller Legendary Lords DLC packs is out as of today, adding two new factions with unique leaders: Deathmaster Snikch of the Skaven's Clan Eshin and Malus Darkblade of the Dark Elf faction Hag Graef. It'll cost you seven of your pounds and there's an introductory trailer below.

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Both lords come with their own unique faction mechanics, abilities, and units. I'm particularly fond of the fact Malus Darkblade - already a great name - rides around on a mount called 'Spite'. I could use one of those, some days. A breakdown of all their various features is available on the DLC's microsite.

The expansion comes alongside a free update for those who don't want to cough up their pennies. The Potion Of Speed update adds Hag Graef and Clan Eshin to your game as non-playable factions, alongside an army-worth of balance tweaks and bug fixes, including shorter waits during enemy turns.

The Shadow & The Blade is available from Steam for £7/$9/€9.

Disclosure: That Alec Meer guy wrote for this. I don't know which bits but I'm going to guess it was the Skaven.

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