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Partial Warhammer: 5 Seconds Of Total War: Warhammer

Don't pretend you're not going to watch it

I know, I know, we shouldn't play ball with this kind of tease me, tease me, aha now you have to wait some more marketing, but c'mon, it's Total War: Warhammer [official site]. The world's greatest tabletop setting being recreated at immense scale. I want it bad, despite not being all that much of a Total War guy. The scant but Griffony footage appears right at the end of a two minute video showboating about all the Total Wars to date, and a soundtrack doing to Everybody Wants To Rule The World what Gary Jules did to Mad World. Poor old Tears For Fears. I think the TWW clip is in-engine, though it's hard to say when it's that short. There's a hint of greenskin in there too.

Cover image for YouTube video

Big Bird there is, for the record, an Imperial Griffon, which fights for the Empire, as do those beardmen in red. With judicious pausing, you can see that they're in the middle of a big old barney wit some Orcs (probably Black Orcs, specifically):

But yeah, that's it. Booo! Kinda amazing how neatly a clip of giant, fantastical death-bird fits into a series of shots from purely historical games, but that's bombastic editing for you.

Me, I know diddlesome-squat about the game I dearly wish was called Total Warhammer, but we might be hearing a bit more about it from our Pip at E3 soon. Apparently the rest of us will get to see a full Total Warhammer trailer at some point next month. All I really want to see is how the Tzeentch Lord of Change looks in-game. I'm chuffed to bits that's the Chaos god they went with.

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