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Total Wipeout: Formula Fusion

From former Wipeout developers

Formula Fusion is a new Wipeout game in all but name and the creators are former members of Wipeout's previous home. Wipeout was an important link between the past and the future of games. Not in terms of design, but in terms of its position in popular culture. Created at SCE Studio Liverpool, formerly Psygnosis of Lemmings fame, Wipeout was a flagship title for the PlayStation that also read like a statement of Sony's intent. With an aesthetic fuelled by The Designers Republic's counter-cultural consumerist lines and made euphoric by the pulse of its EDM soundtrack, the futuristic racer was a game that you could imagine staring at the sea through dilated pupils on a moon-kissed Ibiza beach. Formula Fusion walks the same walk.

That's about as much Wipeout as it's possible to pack into just shy of a minute and a half of video. The game was originally announced as SlamJet Racing, says The Escapist, and will be released on Ps4, Xbone and PC.

I always loved the look of Wipeout but my reflexes were never good enough to handle the speed and the sudden switches in the track. I have strong memories of the front prong of my vehicle butting against the edges of the track and bringing me to an almost complete stop. Misery. Come to think of it, there's only one futuristic racer that I ever conquered, as far as I can remember. It was, of course, the mighty Rollcage and I eagerly await Rollcage 2015.

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