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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator devs release a free archive of 23 playable prototypes

Landfall Archives has horrifying blobs, vampires vs. hunters, and a slideshow!

Developer Landfall - the studio behind wobbly strategy game Totally Accurate Battle Simulator - have released its next game, although game (singular) might be inaccurate. Landfall Archives is a digital museum of sorts, compiling 23 playable prototypes and demos from unreleased projects that never crossed the finish line. It’s out now, and best of all, it’s free.

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The team describe Landfall Archives as “a collection of every project Landfall and friends have worked on since 2016 that didn't make it to the shelves but which all deserve to see the light of day.” After you break into the archives, you’re treated to a party bag of oddball games including a destructible PvP shooter, airship-builders, and an RTS card game. You can read a short synopsis of every project over on Steam.

One of the prototypes traps you in a room with a horrifying blob that I can’t help but feel sorry for. Seriously, its agonised face has the same effect as Inside's equally saggy skin sack. Another game puts you in control of an unfinished walking castle, forcing you to construct and upgrade it along the way. There’s also a 2017 version of TABS that uses the 2.0 physics system, and even an interactive slideshow explaining Landfall’s rickety physics.

The best April Fools jokes are the ones you can actually play (hello, dead Sonic) and Landfall are veterans at this kinda thing. They’ve been releasing oddball projects for the last four consecutive years, including their horse-drifting battle royale Knightfall and a 1v1 roguelike shooter called Rounds. But Landfall Archives seems like their most elaborate April Fools release yet. It’s almost a polished game jam collection, preserving ideas that might not have been released any other way.

Breaking into the archives reveals funny, wild, and generally creative stuff. Plus, there’s something in here for everyone. You can pick up Landfall Archives for free on Steam.

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