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Totem Teller looks even better in motion

One heck of a gorgeous glitchworld

Last time we fawned over the dithered and glitchy world of Totem Teller, we hadn't even seen it moving. Reader dear, this morning I saw it in motion and must resume our fawning. I still don't know what this "game about storytelling and discovery" is but I have now cracked my monitor by trying to plunge my head under the waterfall I saw in a GIF today. It looks: gorgeous. The busted pixels and blood on my screen enhance the effect, really.

I mean,

whatever this is

(and developers Grinning Pickle kinda explain by saying "Join a wandering muse to search for inspiration amongst tellers, and gather listeners to realise your own stories in a beautiful, glitch filled space. Inspire something new in the worlds of folklore or destroy it."),

I dig it.

The simple, dithered blocks of flat-ish colour being squiggled around by overlaid effects in some of these really is something.

This is, frustratingly, a game whose look is tricky to share over the Internet with all our data compression algorithms. Videos blur hard edges and mute colours, GIFs can't capture many colours, and uncompressed or lossless files can be huge. So visit Totem Teller's site for a kinda-sharper-ish look. THAT ONE WITH THE MOON OVER THE SEA? My heart...!

When will we get to see Totem Teller on our own screens in all its glitchy glory? "Early 2020" is the official word for now. Grinning Pickle plan to announce something more specific during E3 in June.

In the meantime, perhaps you might enjoy exploring the glitched-out world of Deios II: Deida. It's a very different game to Totem Teller but has a nice glitchworld of its own.

Ta to Patrick Smith of Vectorpark for tweeting one of these tweets past my eyes today.

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