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Tower-Full: TowerFall PC Getting Full Single-Player Mode

Ouya darling TowerFall is coming to PC! What could possibly be better? An infinitely respawning tray of cookies - a cookie closet, if you will? A genie whose only job is to grant everybody's wish for more wishes? An entire, fully functional TowerFall-themed tower as a pre-order bonus? No. The answer is a fleshed out single-player mode. That is the most exciting thing of all. The cookie tray is a close second, though. And the genie was a trick question because it is invariably evil.

Developer Matt Thorson gave a rundown of what we should expect in the much-anticipated (and appreciated) PC port in an interview with Shacknews:

"I'm already testing a bunch of new content for the Versus mode. There's two new towers, some new powerups, archers, and variants, and a bunch of balance changes. I'm also planning a fully fleshed-out single player mode for players who don't have friends to play versus mode with. It's going to be a massive update. I can't wait to see how people react."

And also this, because awwwwwwwww.

"It's always great to see the moment when players realize that they can catch arrows, and the gameplay implications of that. At the Ouya booth at E3 I saw a little girl get super excited about the game and drag her mom over to show her, that was almost too much for me."

TowerFall is a very multiplayer oriented game, though. Generally speaking, single-player in these sorts of things is a nice diversion, but it's no substitute for making pincushions out of real flesh-and-blood friends. I'm interested to see what sort of ideas Thorson has in store, but I'm not entirely convinced the mode will make up for the fact that I have no friends. And that's what videogames are supposed to do, right? Be the be-all, end-all solution to all of life's problems? Four out of ten for not lasting 1200 hours and teaching me how to love again.

At any rate, TowerFall's PC version will likely be out in a couple months, though Thorson isn't ready to commit to any specific date just yet. What's your feeling on it? Ar(row)e you thinking of picking it up?

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