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Towerfall Ascension Ascends (By Which I Mean It's Out Now)

(On Steam).

One day, all our jobs will crowdsourced into non-existence. For now, it's just Steam Reviews doing it to the likes of me. For example, on the Steam page for Towerfall: Ascension, one Eric Raue writes that it is, "a masterclass example of intentional game design. Nothing feels out of place or missing. The controls and pacing have been fine tuned to create the best possible experience." There's no truer statement to be written about the local multiplayer 2D arrow-shooter.

There are only equally as true statements. Like "Towerfall: Ascension is out now" and "there's an animated launch trailer below."


This apparently only has 54 views, which makes me a little sad. Is it because you're all too busy playing the game? I hope so. Shaking against the slow decline of my marketplace value and personal sense of self-worth, I wrote my own review of Towerfall: Ascension. It's maybe my favourite game of 2014 so far, thanks to its careful springy physics, the four-second bursts of mastery it allows you to display even after only a short while playing it, and because of the fun of passing around a controller to play its two-player co-op mode with a group of friends.

I even illustrated my review with GIFs. I have to raise my game somehow if I'm to stop myself from becoming completely redundant.

Go watch more Towerfall videos and decide if it's a thing you need in your life.

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