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Cool Movement Tricks In Throwback Arena FPS Toxikk

Those were the days!

Throwback multiplayer FPS Toxikk [official site] is due to properly launch on Friday the 9th, following a lengthy stretch in early access. It's inspired by classics of the late nineties and early naughties - looking way more Unreal Tournament than Quake to my bleary Monday eyes - and that naturally means cool movement tricks. Toxikk boasts doublejumping, dashing, strong air control, and other movement tricks that can be chained into some really cool tricks, as explained in a new trailer. Observe:

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That's not bad, that! I do like that it has illogical boosts for jumping on elevators and angled surfaces, features which remind me of the weird physics quirks and miscalculations that helped made moving in old arena shooters so much fun. It's not quite the same if these quirks are intentional, losing some of that surprising emergent feel, but still - I'm glad they're there.

So that's Toxikk: an retro-ish arena FPS where you zoom around and shoot other people real hard. Bigger maps have vehicles too. Toxikk has been on Steam Early Access since January 2015, picking up really quite impressive reviews from players.

Toxikk is a proper paid game but will launch alongside a 'Free Edition' which is really a fancy demo. The Free Edition will offer Toxikk's full core shootyshooting but on a limited selection of maps, no access to features like the server browser or character customisation, and a few more restrictions. However, Free Edition players will be able to play against proper Toxikkfolk. Why not call it a demo? Reakktor explain:

"The term DEMO has a defined meaning on Steam that comes with specific technical restrictions. E.g. people who play a demo on Steam cannot play online against people who own the full game. Which is obviously far from optimal for a multiplayer game."

Okey cokey!

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