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Toxikk Brings Throwback FPS Thrills, Demo And All


After twenty-odd months on Steam Early Access, throwback arena FPS Toxikk [official site] properly launched last night. It's hugely inspired by '90s and '00s shooters like Unreal Tournament and all their hard-fraggin', to the extent that it's basically remade Deck16. Developers Reakktor Studios are hardly hiding their influences. If you too fancy zipping around with fancy movement tricks and zoppyzapping with zoopyzappers, hey, you can try Toxikk for free. Yes, it has that most '90s of features: a generous demo.

In that retro FPS way, Toxikk dunks players into grubby futuristic murderzones to run, jump, and walljump around while blasting each other into teensy pieces, with no reloading, iron sights, or unlockable weapons. Oh, and some bigger levels have vehicles. I've not played enough Toxikk or Unreal Tournaments (too floaty, right? not like good ol' Quake) to tell you about their precise differences and the consequences thereof, so I won't try to. You can play the demo and see for yourself anyway.

Toxikk's Free Edition is up on Steam. It's got the full set of weapons, bots, and a good selection of maps - and you can even play on servers with folks who've bought the full version. Other limitations include no character customisation, no joining or hosting custom servers, and no access to the level editor or player-made goodies from the Steam Workshop, which all sound fair enough for a demo.

If you want Toxikk for keepsies, a 20% launch discount brings it down to £8.79 until September 19th on Steam.

Or if you don't mind something unfinished, heck, Unreal masters Epic are making their own new Unreal Tournament and it's free.

What's that? Reakktor Studios haven't made one of those there fancy 'launch trailers' with fast cuts and press quotes and blaring blonkynoise? Well then!

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