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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Has A Robot Or Two

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is coming out on PC after all, which means I now have free rein to get all over-excited about it - even if I am worried by all the grey corridors of its predecessor and the terrible choice of music in the below trailer. But, sound and pre-renderness aside, gosh! What a lot of fan service is in here. It's got all my favourites - Shockwave, Bruticus, the Dinobots, Metroplex.... All that's missing is my beloved psychopath Galvatron, my old, poorly-painted miniature model kit of which you can see above. Of course, they'll need to kill off Megatron to get him in, but as technically FoC is a prequel to the familiar Transformers crashed-on-Earth-and-started-fighting-again tale I guess that can't happen. Boo! They could go down the nu-comics route of making Galvy an entirely different character, but that's just stupid. STUPID!

ANYWAY. Trailer! Exciting robots! Awful music! An Autobot the size of a city! Also on PC! Please have wide-open areas like this video suggests!

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Here's a clearer look at Metroplex, by the way. Apparently he'll be remote-controlled by Prime in the game, but I can only pray we still get to smash untold amounts of Decepticons, topple the spires of Iacon and whatnot with him.

Also here's the first level of the game, courtesy of IGN. On console, obv. Seems as though confined spaces, minimal transformation, clonebots and that bewilderingly inapproriate muddy colour scheme remains, and I'm not sure why anyone would think Bumblebee changing fuses to make a lift work is an exciting recreation of the Transformers experience. But then this is the tutorial level, hopefully it'll open up later on. At least plenty of stuff explodes, there are massive robots in the background and a wider range of known Transformers loping about. There's no way I won't play this, needless to say, regardless of how stupid it turns out to be.

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