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Planes, Trains And Automoboats: Transport Fever

Miss Transport Tycoon?

Train Fever gave off all the right signals and received a nod of approval from none other than our very own Stat Controller, Tim Stone. A sequel has just been announced and, glory be, it's going full Transport Tycoon. Transport Fever's [official site] the name. Taking in land, air and sea transport, and more than 150 years of history, it'll have cities that evolve, 120+ makes of vehicle, and improved UI and simulation features. The first trailer just pulled into the station.

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I love Transport Tycoon Deluxe dearly. It was the first game to convince me that I didn't need toy soldiers or monsters on my screen to enjoy myself, or at least the first that convinced me I could enjoy myself with a non-violent simulation of the real world just as much as I could with anything else. Forget Leisure Suit Larry and Doom - Transport Tycoon was my first mature game.

If Transport Fever can come even close to capturing its spiritual predecessors finer qualities, I'll be absolutely delighted. I love the look and will probably never get tired of seeing steam trains trundling across rickety bridges. Even modern trains still retain some romanticism in my mind, despite my main (and too frequent) experience being the Manchester to London Virgin rail service. It's a good service but it's also naggingly expensive and is used to shuttle me back and forth between workspaces. Not exactly the Orient Express.

Planes have completely lost their attraction, sadly. A long flight is a place to read a book and I completely forgot that something incredible is happening - I'm flying across an ocean! - because I'm usually uncomfortable and tired-but-not-sleepy.

And boats? Boats are great. Next time I need to go on a press trip to the USA, I'm going to travel by sea.

Transport Fever will be out "Fall 2016", which is round about when I might arrive for that press trip.

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