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Triple Dose Of Double Dragon Now On Steam And GOG


I can't help but feel that DotEmu, the publisher behind new Double Dragon re-releases, have missed a trick. Triple Dragon, anyone? Why, you could even apply a little arithmetic and go with Sextuple Dragon to spice the series up a bit.

Still, even if you disagree with their naming policy, you've got to give DotEmu a pat on the back for continuing to port numerous retro games to the PC. Double Dragon Trilogy is available now on GOG for £3.19 or on Steam for £3.83.

I never played Double Dragon back in the day, despite the original coin-op titles being ported to almost every platform under the sun. Since these are the latest versions of the games, though, I'm going to go with the argument that they're the definitive ones.

Double Dragon Trilogy offers a good mix of features, including graphical and audio options for those who prefer the more authentic retro experience versus the modernised take. Multiplayer is available both locally and, pleasingly, online.

There are also features for weird people, such as keyboard support. I don't think it too controversial to suggest that the Double Dragon series is best experienced using a controller. Still, if you don't have one, you can at least customise the keyboard setup.

In the spirit of a bit of good old-fashioned debate: what do you reckon was better, Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, or Final Fight?

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