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Double Dragon 4 starts biffing later this month


Arc System Works are making a new retro-styled Double Dragon beat 'em up, even rounding up some of the original DD gang to chip in. Double Dragon IV [official site] will hit later this month and.... huh! What a curious bit of news. This NES-lookin' throwdown is certainly the opposite of Double Dragon: Neon, the radtacular cowabungical modern revival by WayForward. Arc were nothing to do with Neon, mind, as they picked up the rights to Double Dragon only in 2015. Seems they fancied making some real old-school Double Dragon. Huh! Weird.

Double Dragon IV's team includes the original game's director and producer, Yoshihisa Kishimoto, along with designer Koji Ogata and composer Kazunaka Yamane. This time, the biffing is jetting off to Japan and... look, just watch the trailer:

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Old Double Dragon, see? I don't think I'm still interested in ye olde beate 'eme upes which seem to stick to old ways (I've found they're better left in Nostalgiaville?) but I'm sure some of y'all might be.

Double Dragon 4 is due out via Steam on January 31st.

Playground argument: Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, or Final Fight? No time for reasoned debate pick one for flimsy reasons then declare the others RUBBISH and argue until the bell rings okay 3 2 1 go. STREETS OF RAGE! That's always been the post-apocalyptic American beat 'em up series for me. I can't resist gangs of movie punks causing trouble in a dystopian megacity of eternal night. I'm fairly certain my memory has mixed huge chunks of Final Fight into Streets of Rage but look, playground argument rules forbid nuance and reflection.

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