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Turbo Overkill is an FPS where you have a chainsaw for a leg

I'm glad I saw this

Ever since I carved up aliens in Gears Of War with my gun-that-also-has-a-chainsaw-built-into-it, I've always thought more video games could use inventive saw contraptions. That's why Turbo Overkill has me very excited, as it's an FPS where the protagonist has a chainsaw for a leg. And the gifs which show it off? Yeah, it's a thumbs-up from me.

Turbo Overkill is a bloody, fast-paced FPS where you play as a cyborg who has a knack for cleaning up mean cyberpunky streets with beefy guns, but also their "legsaw". There's not a whole lot of info out there on the game yet, but what we do have is a few strong gifs from the game's Twitter account.

Get a load of this one:

Dual-wielding pistols, nice. Bit of wall-running, cool. A good slide, yes. Wait, hang on, have they unsheathed their chainsaw leg mid-slide, so when they clatter into those enemies below they'll tear right through them? Cor, that's neat.

This one shows off a pistol that turns enemies into red gunk:

The best part about this gif isn't actually the explosion of gore, but the left-handed gun twirling that leads up to that moment.

Finally, we've got meaty mini-gun gameplay:

Very Doom this one, with its dim lighting, flurry of bullets, and one large mini-gun. I'm a fan of said mini-gun also transforming into a flamethrower mid-fight.

There's no release date yet for Turbo Overkill, but you can keep up with the game over on its Twitter page, or through their Discord server.

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