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Turn-Based Chariot Racer Qvadriga Is In Beta

Roman the tracks.

I dropped a pun just so I could have the words "Turn-Based Chariot Racer" at the top of RPS for an hour, though there's actually a real-time mode as well. QVADRIGA, you have given me that pleasure, so I will return the favour and tell cheering masses that you are now in beta, a word the pleases me because stole it from the Greeks. Now entertain me, or at least provide me with details so that I, Biggus Maximus Overcompensatious, might pass the next few moments not worrying about the wind blowing my toga around.

I should be a playright, or at least someone famous people give money to for no reason. All those words to tell you about Qvadriga's beta. Timius Stonius has already covered the basics of this way back in June last year, (in fact, it was in beta back then as well, so I hope the new beta is significantly different): a tactical game of speeding around the circuses of Ancient Rome, turning each crack of the whip into decisive turn. How can chariot racing be tactical? So many factors influence this: the skill of the charioteer, the chariot's build, and the horse's endurance are all stats. Good vets and medics are needed to keep the wheels turning, as you'll raise your profile in the chariot world.

Now have some clickable screenshots. I am off to one of Hedonism Bot's parties.

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