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Turn your Wordle result into a cute building with the Townscaper converter

Make your failings cute for all to see

Even if you're not playing smash-hit word puzzle game Worldle, you'll likely have seen grids of green and yellow squares in your social media feeds from people sharing their solutions to the day's puzzle. A good way to share info in an abstract, but not the prettiest. So after some Wordle players started recreating their solutions inside the pretty town-building toy Townscaper, someone went ahead and made a tool which automatically does the work for you. The result, your solution built as a colourful building, for you to view in your browser.

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The Wordle2Townscaper tool by Tarmo Annus offers several ways to feed in your grid: getting the info from your tweet, letting you paste that grid in directly, or manually by building it with buttons. Then it'll generate that grid as a Townscaper building, offering you a code you can copy/paste into the full game to load or letting you see it in Townscaper's browser-based demo. Impressive! Townscaper creator Oskar Stålberg celebrated by sharing his shame over today's puzzle.

Annus shared the converter's source code on GitHub so you can expand it too, if you want (and know how).

I have a suggestion for you, reader dear. If you build depth onto the building produced by Wordle2Townscaper, you can build something really cute. A huge joy in Townscaper is seeing how its algorithm inteprets blocks, with gardens, balconies, rooftops, beehives, and more popping into existence. So by keeping the same outline but building deeper, you can create something prettier. For example, this is the same basic shape as the one in the header image šŸ up there, but extended back and forwards.

A cute colourful building rising out the water in a Townscaper screenshot.
Cute, no?

I like Townscaper but sometimes struggle with ideas to start a new town. A Wordle solution giving me both a starting point to build on and a constraint to build within is pretty fun!

The full version of Townscaper is available from Steam, GOG, and Epic for £4.79/€4.99/$5.99. It's also on Xbox, Switch, and Android and Apple devices.

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