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Twitch’s free karaoke ‘em up, Twitch Sings, is available now

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When I sing in my house, it’s exclusively when I’m certain that there’s no one around. But if you want to serenade a crowd, Twitch Sings is here to help you bring the house down. The karaoke game will allow you to sing, share the stage with a friend, and stream it all to an audience that will flood the screen with emotes to rate your performance.

Announced at TwitchCon six months ago, it’s now made its debut just in time for TwitchCon Europe. There’s a pretty big selection of songs on offer, with their “top songs” playlist including bangers like Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance and Aha’s Take On Me. Other themed playlists include "easy to sing," along with less subjective categories like Disney and Queen.

If a streamer can’t decide what to belt out, they can always toss the controls over to their fans. Not only will viewers be able to request songs, they’ll be able to set challenges like “sing with your tongue out,” just to amp up the level of embarrassment they so clearly want to delight in.

Twitch does say that they may “explore ways to enhance the experience with paid features” in the future. Presumably these will be more songs and/or more visual customisation for your stage-bound avatar. But you can already customise your look and venue to get that atmosphere just right for crooning Maroon 5’s 2002 classic She Will Be Loved.

You can download the game for free from the Twitch Sings website, and you can currently see the game in action by watching people singing live from TwitchCon Europe at their channel.

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