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Two Point Hospital headcrab pandemic heralds trial weekend

Good news, Mister Freeman: headcrab infestations are no longer terminal

A calamitous crossing of worlds has occurred in Two Point Hospital, the spiritual successor to Bullfrog's Theme Hospital, with Half-Life headcrabs glomping onto heads and all manner of decorative doodads from Sega PC games scattering around hospitals. If you've not yet played the wacky hospital management sim, hey, you're invited to try the whole thing for free this weekend on Steam. The trial weekend has just started, so hop to it. Well, don't hop if you're suffering from Hurty Leg, Premature Mummification, Night Fever, Lazy Bones, or Mucky Feet, in which case the doctor will see you now.

Head on over to Steam to download and play Two Point Hospital in full for free for the next few days. If you dig it and want it for keepsies, a 33% discount brings it down to £16.74/€23.44/$23.44 this weekend as part of a wider Sega Steam sale.

Speaking of the wider world of Sega, today's free update boshed in a load of other Segabits. You'll find furniture, rugs, statues, beanbags, and more inspired by Endless Space, Dungeon Of The Endless, Football Manager, and Total War: Three Kingdoms. And while headcrabs are nothing to do with Sega, because you can't have a Steam crossover without Half-Life they've arrived as a terrible new ailment to cure. Apparently hosts are unharmed by the removal of their meathat, which is nice.

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Two Point Hospital is unashamedly Theme Hospital-y, which is partially because developers Two Point Studios have folks who worked on the Bullfrog 1997 classic back in the day, namely producer Mark Webley, lead artist Gary Carr, and lead composer Russell Shaw. It lives up to its predecessor.

"It's a good'un," Nic Rueben concluded in our Two Point Hospital review. "Theme Hospital occupies a pretty special place in my gaming memories. The sense of relief and joy I got after my first hour with Two Point Hospital was palpable enough to turn into a pill, bottle, and then overcharge for. Plus, if they managed to wrangle this one, it means Two Point Dungeon isn't out of the realms of possibility..."

Now I've gotten my own hopes up by reading that.

After all the weekend's antics, new paid DLC is due to hit Two Point Hospital on Monday. Pebberley Island will visit tropical climes with new maladies and decor.

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