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Two Worlds II lives, for some reason

Graphical overhaul too

Two Worlds! The half terrible, half wonderful 2007 RPG in which you upgraded your sword by strapping lots of other swords to it (which always seemed oddly logical to me)!

Two Worlds II! The 2011 sequel I can't remember anything about, other than that it sadly dialled down the accidental comedy but also included angry monkeys who threw their own excrement at the player!

And now, Two Words II: Call of the Tenebrae [official site], 2017 DLC/standalone expansion whose very existence confuses and confounds me!

Call of the Tenebrae, in as much of a nutshell as I can squeeze it into, is a ten-hour new campaign, which promises "amazing graphical improvement with the new engine upgrade", along with various new weapons, armour and beasties, as well as a few reunions with original Two Worlds II characters. Like, y'know, Ian Blokey, Jennfier Wotsift and Gr'nargh Thingumy.

This is a bold move for a six-year-old game that, to be blunt, I don't remember many people getting particularly excited about the time. Still, if a lick of paint and a new jumping on point make it more appealing to those who never knew this so-so roleplaying series before now, perhaps there's sense in it.

No videos yet, which is a mite worrying for a game that's due out on May 25, but here are a couple more surely-not-post-processed screenshots to give some sense of how it's looking.

This looks alright?

This looks exactly what one might expect a 2011 game given some new lighting effects would look like, however:

Compare and contrast to this one, from the original TWII:

More details on story and whatnot here. Try not to feel too much panic about the endless march of time when you see the Xbox 360 and PS3 logos on that website.

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