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Uncanny Valley Trailer Explains Android Survival Horror

Wrapped in synthflesh. I hope.

I dug the demo of 2D survival horror Uncanny Valley [official site], being unsettled by a night watchman's troubles with horrible synthflesh-wrapped androids. It was pretty and scary and pleasantly unpleasant, but it was an early build, leaving a few questions about fairly big parts.

That talk of failure states with consequences other than death: how does that work? Is he only ever fleeing from androids? How do the bits in his everyday life outside work mesh with the robohorrors? And can you even kill the gits? With the game arriving in April, a new trailer gives a '101' run-down.

Makers Cowardly Creations do warn: "The best way to experience Uncanny Valley is without any prior knowledge of what's to come. Therefore we recommend you to not watch this video if you're already planning on playing it." I'll just leave this here:

Cover image for YouTube video

So! I really dig the idea of playing through a work shift in accelerated time, with seven minutes to complete tasks (or not) and poke around as you want before heading back to his life. Toss in a load of branching and ooh yes, thank you. And mercy, those androids are really horrible. Sneaking past their irregular patrols looks the absolute pits. I am keen to buy this and play ten minutes before making an excuse to stop then for months shooting dirty looks at the Steam library entry.

Uncanny Valley's due some time on April on Steam and Humble and whatnot for £6.99.

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