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UnReal World Arrives On Steam With Added Price Tag

Ace survival roguelikelike

The RPS Hivemind has elaborated all data, simulated all scenarios, accounted for every variation, and the result is clear: your best next move is to play UnReal World [official site]. At first the Hivemind was gentle and subtle in its recommendation. Back in 2013, Alec let you know when it became free, hoping you'd catch the drift. Then Adam was more explicit in his "Have You Played." But even that wasn't enough, so the hivemind used numbers. Surely you'd bow to numbers. UnReal World is objectively the 26th best free game on PC, and also the 26th best RPG on PC. Do you see a pattern here?

But you still didn't listen. Yes, you. You who said you'd only play UnReal World if it were on Steam. Now it is, but your Steamy demands will cost you.

UnReal World is a roguelike RPG about surviving in the wilderness that has been in development since 1992 and still receives frequent updates. At this point it's become a cult classic, thanks to its atmosphere and the incredible depth of its systems.

The elephant in the room here is that the game is, and will remain, free if you grab it from the official website, but the identical Steam release is not free. It's £6.79 on Steam with the launch discount, going up to £7.99 later. Although if you have donated to the devs before for lifetime membership, you will receive a Steam key.

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I don't know if adding a price tag on Steam is unfair, but it is odd. The game's big and polished and will continue to be updated, so it's certainly worth the price, but I can see a few impulsive buyers feeling cheated. Then again, I also know many people who wouldn't play a game, no matter how good, if it's not on Steam. The Steam release will also eventually see achievements, trading cards and cloud saving added to it, features that the standalone will not offer. And hey, it is still free elsewhere.

How do you feel about it?

(I was thinking... this game is as old as I am. Creepy.)

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