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Valve teases their virtual reality headset, the Valve Index

Virtually real

A website has appeared for the Valve Index, a new virtual reality headset from (obviously) Valve. This is where I’m supposed to tell you more about it, but alas, I cannot, because the webpage simply reads “Upgrade your experience. May 2019.” What will happen when May rolls around? I do not know. What exactly is this experience upgrade they’re talking about? Your guess is as good as mine! Can I put a third thing here, as article rhythm dictates I should? No, because that's literally all the website says.

Valve have been involved in the VR industry for a while, including their partnership with HTC on the Vive, and their apparent work on three full VR games. No news on those, of course, just the cryptic May 2019 date, which could be when we’ll get more info about the whole affair or could be when it’ll launch proper. Who knows!

More burning questions abound, like, will it support Cybershoes, the heelies of the VR world that let you whoosh around virtual space by frantically pawing at the floor with your feet?

And, isn’t the Index is a bit of a non-name though? Not sure that long lists of book subjects or price values are exactly what you want to evoke when you’re selling is essentially a magic box that sticks to your face to trick your brain into thinking you’re in just about any fantasy world imaginable.

Still. Valve. VR. Something happening in May. Hopefully it’ll all go a bit better than Artifact seems to have.

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