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Vandals looks like Hitman Go with grafitti

Stick it to The Man!

Take the turn-based stealth puzzling of Hitman Go, replace the murder with a crime that's slightly more socially acceptable, and you might have a game a bit like Vandals. Out in April, it's a turn-based sneak-o-puzzler about dodging The Man to spray graffitti on city walls. Watch for police patrols, dodge guard dogs, duck cameras, hurl bottles to create distractions, and leave your mark upon the world. The proof will be in the puzzling but, after the watching the announcement trailer, I am tentatively up for this sneaky spraying.

Cover image for YouTube video

See? Hitman Go with graffiti. Hitman Graf? Tagman Go? Other wordplay.

It's made by Cosmografik, who you might remember from Type:Rider, and published by European TV network Arte. They've stuck their fingers into some interesting video game pies lately, between publishing the lovely reality-tripping Californium and refugee journey game Bury Me, My Love.

As you might expect, it sounds like they're also going for a slightly educational slant:

"Players in Vandals need to sneak past police, cameras and dogs to successfully paint their latest work. Aspiring artists can discover the work of real-life, iconic street artists, and learn how they have influenced urban culture in the some of the most street art-rich cities in the world, including Paris, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and Sao Paulo. Using Vandals' painting tool, players also get to create and share their own masterpieces on social networks. With accessible stealth mechanics and a progressive learning curve, Vandals encourages players to consider each possibility and carefully plan their next move to collect all available bonuses across 60 increasingly challenging levels."

Vandals is coming to Windows and Mac via Steam on April 11th, priced at £3.99/€4.49/$5.99. It will also be on pocket telephones.

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