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Puzzle-Platformer Veer Out Now On Early Access

Pylons as portals

There's something so very wonderful about solving video game puzzles, don't you think? I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls III recently, and while besting a bastard-hard boss after umpteen failed attempts is a great feeling, figuring out a brain-busting conundrum in games like Portal or The Witness or the likes is for me a far more enjoyable experience. Veer [official site] is a 2D logic puzzle game that sees you navigate a world of levels via teleportation, gravity and inertia. It's out now on Steam Early Access and looks a little something like this:

Cover image for YouTube video

As you can sort-of spot there, pylons are your means of getting around Veer's multi-tiered levels. Activating a pylon from a certain distance allows you teleport to the same relative position to that corresponding pylon. So, similar to, say, Portal, levels often require you negotiate distance in order to send yourself onto certain ledges, into certain rooms, and down certain slopes in order to progress. Some challenges take a good bit of getting used to, however if you do wind up completely stumped, tapping F pulls up a silhouette of the exact location your teleportation will take you to - as can be seen at the beginning of the trailer there.

With that, Veer will hold your hand to an extent if you let it, but later levels grant you the ability to turn gravity on its head - adding not only new and ever more confusing layers to puzzles, but also making success that bit sweeter. As it stands, developers Some-Fish reckon Veer "could be considered finished" as is, however they're using Early Access to gauge the difficulty of puzzles and will adjust in concert with player feedback. If you like what you see, Veer is out now on Early Access for just £1.99.

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