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Vote now for your favourite survival games of all time

Help craft our next RPS Bestest Best: Reader Edition list

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Hello folks. After voting for your favourite strategy games of all time in our very first RPS Bestest Best: Reader Edition list last month, this time we're asking you do it all over again for your favourite survival games. With Sons Of The Forest taking over Steam at the moment and Capcom's sensational remake of Resident Evil 4 just on the horizon, we've got survival games on the brain right now - or at least the bit that hasn't been chewed or nibbled on by the worrying pack of zombs circling the Treehouse lately, anyway. The less said about that, the better, because some the team are looking mighty peaky right now. Before they turn, though, come and tell us about your favourite survival games so the rest of us have some good tips for how to save our skins.

As with your favourite strategy games list, these reader-voted lists will exist as separate entities to the ones compiled by the RPS editorial team. Our lists tend to focus on the best games we'd recommend people play today, but these reader-voted lists are intended to take a broader view of all the great gaming classics. And we've got a new voting form this month that will hopefully encourage more of you to get involved.

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Use the embedded survey below (or this direct link) to vote for your top 5 favourite survival games of all time. Your number one pick will receive 5 points, your number two pick will receive 4 points and so on.

Once all the votes are tallied up, we'll then create a top 50 list of your personal Bestest Bests, accompanied by your own words celebrating what's great about them. Going forward, we've created a space to write about each entry this time (rather than just your number one), which will hopefully mean all entries get a few words next to them in the final list. This isn't compulsory - you can still vote without writing anything at all - but if you'd like to contribute some words, we'd love to hear them.

To also make things a bit easier on our end when it comes to counting your votes, we've stuffed a bunch of Steam's top-rated survival games into a big drop down list, so if you start typing the name of the game you'd like to vote for, you should see those entries start to appear. Then you just need to select the game you want to vote for and job done.

If you don't see the game you'd like to vote for in the list, fear not. Select "Other" and fill it in using the drop-down text box (and please format the name as it appears on Steam if you can, just to ensure we don't accidentally lose any entries when tallying them up).

Finally, we take a fairly broad view of the survival genre in our own best survival games list, so your picks don't necessarily have to include health and hunger bars in order to qualify. We don't have any survival horror games in our ranking - we keep those for our main horror games list - but don't let that stop you from voting for games like Resident Evil if they are, indeed, your favourite survival games. The only main requirement we ask for is that you vote for games where you've just got to, y'know, survive.

That's it! I'm excited to see what games survive the cut (ho ho), and I look forward to reading all your excellent words about them.

To cast your vote, please make sure you complete this form by 5pm GMT on Friday, March 24th.

Thanks again, and happy voting!

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