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Wander through a dying city this month in A Place For The Unwilling

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The thing about living things is that they eventually die. That’s what A Place for the Unwilling, a narrative adventure game from Alpixel Games, is about. The city is dying, and you have 21 days to live through the final days of the Living City. Stories happen all across the world, and time moves on, so you have to decide what to see and do while trying to balance what’s left of your life.

The main story is there on the streets: those shadows standing and moving, are they part of another world, are they the remnants of the people who came before? You have 21 days to find out. It has a dark start, the suicide of a friend who leaves you his house. You'll move to this bustling new place and try to squeeze in. You’ll necessarily miss things simply by being elsewhere. It’s a tapestry of tales, and your decisions will impact the ongoing narrative. You need to keep on top of your own life, trading items to keep money flowing. Shop talk will provide tips and clues about the dying metropolis, and the money will open doors.

It’s best if you watch this, a video of the developers walking through some of the things you could encounter in the first few days of the game.

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Seems like quite a packed little suitcase, doesn’t it? It reads like a life sim, but it's a bundled up knot of narratives. Little stories sit behind closed doors, hoping you try the handle walk in. There are rewards in store for nosey parkers, probably a bit more rewarding than helping an old lady with her cleaning. Look, you can sit and watch a play.

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It'll be released on on Steam on 25 July.

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