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Warner Bros. are showing off Back 4 Blood for E3 but no Batman Family

Sorry to Batgirl and her flock of Robins

The digital clouds have darkened and E3 looms, promising an absolute downpour of trailers starting this weekend. In among all the other announcement blasts kicking off in short order is one from Warner Bros., who are having the first E3 presser of their own on Sunday. The Bros. forecast promised 100% chance of zombie slaying Back 4 Blood. We'd also anticipated that perhaps we might hear about some other upcoming WB joints. Not so, it turns out. If you were hoping for some DC news, I'm sorry to tell you that Batman's been left for dead. At least as far as WB's own showcase this Sunday is concerned.

Warner Bros. have told Tech Radar that they will in fact only be talking about Back 4 Blood. That's right, only just talking about the spiritual successor to that series so many folks have been dying for another one of for years. Just that.

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Several of the folks around these parts are looking forward to the co-op zombie shoot 'em up as well, enough to be one of RPS's most anticipated action games of 2021. Both Alices are on board, which is all the convincing I need.

Comitting to only discussing B4B of course means that some of the other WB games we'd thought might show up is off the table. Co-op supers romp Gotham Knights got delayed until sometime next year (same goes for Hogwarts Legacy, in fact), but it seemed possible we'd get another look at it this summer anyhow. Further off in WB's schedule is baddie co-op game Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

WB won't be talking about any of that lot during their Sunday event, but that doesn't completely remove the possibly that they've agreed to show any of them off at someone else's event this weekend or later in the summer. I woudn't count on that, mind. It could happen though.

Warner Bros. are running their show this Sunday, June 13th at a yet to be announced time. You can spot times and dates for the oh so many other events going on over the next week—and part of July—over in our E3 2021 schedule.

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