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Watch Nvidia's CES 2021 RTX event right here

Tune in at 9am PST / 5pm GMT.

Nvidia are holding their CES 2021 GeForce RTX event today, and you can watch it right here with us at 9am PST / 5pm GMT. It's widely expected that Nvidia will announce that their RTX 30 GPUs will be making the move to laptops this evening, but we might also see some more desktop graphics cards get announced as well, such as the hotly-rumoured 20GB RTX 3080 Ti, or maybe even what's coming at the more mainstream end of Nvidia's RTX 30 family. RTX 3050 and RTX 3060s anyone?

You can watch Nvidia's GeForce RTX Game On event right here below, or hop over to their Twitch channel if you prefer. Hosted by their senior vice president of GeForce, Jeff Fisher, this so-called "special broadcast event" will unveil Nvidia's "latest innovations in gaming and graphics" according to the official blurb, which in all likelihood means lots of new hardware.

RTX 30 GPUs coming to laptops is almost a dead cert, as it was back at CES 2019 that Nvidia announced that their RTX 20 series were coming to laptops. Nvidia also unveiled the RTX 2060 at CES that year, having launched the RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080 Ti the previous autumn, so it would be fitting if this year's broadcast was an RTX 30 do-over of that event given their similar time frames. We've already seen the launch of the RTX 3060 Ti, of course, but could this evening's event be the first time we clap eyes on the vanilla RTX 3060? All will be revealed in just a couple of hours.

As exciting as new graphics cards and laptop GPUs are, though, the big thing I'm hoping Nvidia will talk about this evening is more games getting ray tracing support. After all, the number of ray tracing games currently available is still pretty small in the grand scheme of things, and it would be nice to have a whole new slate of games announced so RTX owners have something to look forward to this year. Hitman 3, for example, is currently confirmed to get ray tracing support on PS5 when it launches in a couple of weeks time, but so far there's been no mention of it coming to PC as well. Could there be hope this evening? I will be crossing all fingers and toes.

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