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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Given all the big games (and massive, long games) that've come out over the past few weeks and months, you probably don't need us as inspiration suggesting nice things to play this weekend. But maybe you care about us and what we do? Haha I know, right? But seriously, tell us what you're playing this weekend.

Adam: I'm spoilt for choice this weekend. Top of the list is Invisible, Inc. (WHICH IS FREE TO PLAY RIGHT NOW) with its lovely new expansion pack. I loaded it up on Thursday night to have a 'quick look' and ended up losing four hours (and, eventually, all of my agents in one of the most anxiety-inducing missions I've ever experienced in any game, ever). It's my favourite game since Crusader Kings II.

I might find time for Mordheim as well though. It's almost ready for release and every feature I've been waiting for is in place - mainly the persistent warbands and campaign structure, which are likely to eat up an entire day if I indulge myself.

Alec: After a week spent doing almost nothing but playing Fallout 4, my brain is desperate for something opposite. Fallout's a good time, but it is profoundly banal - I want to use the part of my grey matter that isn't simply obsessed with looting and shooting. So I've got my eye on Cibele, the FMV-augmented interactive fiction about online relationships made by Nina Freeman from Fullbright. I'm a bit worried I may struggle to connect with it, as I have never even slightly lived a life like that - but I suspect that is exactly why I should play it.
Alice: I'm digging back through smaller games I've played over the year, as Award Season is night and my memory is awful when it comes to things I've played or otherwise done (except for bad things, which are remembered forever). Also playing The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth, obvs. Cara and I were half-thinking about picking up Fallout 4 to play and stream together but ah, I feel I've read and seen so very much about the game that I don't really fancy it right now. It'll wait for me, and probably be in better shape after a few patches.
Graham: I had other tasks to attend to this week which means I haven't yet found time to start on Fallout 4. I'm intending to do so this weekend, but I'm not sure whether I'm excited about it. It's 50/50 as to whether I'll get into it, or whether I'll immediately tire of the now familiar Bethesda formula, or simply be overcome by unfortunate bugs as some others have. I'll try to make it interesting for myself.
John: [What's John up to? We may never know, unless you report your sightings. Many think they spotted him last weekend, but this from 'Shiloh' is such typical Johnning I'll declare it confirmed: "I spotted John in Brighton yesterday – he was wandering along the sea shore, singing “Cockles and mussels, alive alive oh” and carrying a small wicker basket. Poor lamb, there was a cool breeze coming off the sea and he had naught but a thin shawl wrapped around his shoulders to keep out the chill." Aye, that'll be our John.]
Philippa: [Pip is on holiday. Pip has earned a holiday. Pip has earned a break from having to e-mail me, or indeed communicate with me in any way.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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