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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Oh flipping heck, are we half-way through the year already? There are so many things I was going to get stuck into after a few weeks of rest and now... no matter! Surely summer will arrive soon and we'll all be gaily skipping down country lanes picking blackberries and climbing trees and laughing our little selves sick. Until then, video games! What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're on:

Adam: I think this is the weekend I'll try to tackle Dead by Daylight. It sounds fantastic on paper - four players are survivors attempting to escape from a fifth player who takes the role of a killer. It's a slasher movie made into a game. I've already tried a couple of rounds and it's all a little more restrictive than I'd expected, with strict rules that seem to make it more a case of following patterns of play rather than simply sneaking and stalking, but I'm hoping to have at least one session on Sunday so I can understand it better.
Alec: I'm going back into XCOM 2 after a few months off, to check out that there DLC and whether it still runs at nine frames per second on my PC. My feelings towards it have cooled significantly - I think I'd rather fire up XCOM Enemy Within again - but maybe boss aliens and the final fate of that anxious engineer blokey will change all that.
Alice: Talking about Steam sale picks has me installing Cook, Serve, Delicious again. If I can slip into the kitchentrance it'll be wonderfully calming. If I can't, I will be ruddy furious. I might also have another crack at Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, as I'm curious to see what I'll make of it after The Phantom Pain. More tense, probably? Requiring a bit more planning without magical balloons to carry away sleeping targets? Or maybe I'll miss my dog and my gal pal.
Graham: This weekend I will be playing zilch, because I still don't have internet in my own house. I could play something that doesn't require an internet connection, but I can't think what game that would be. No, better to wait till next weekend, when I should be wired up and ready to go.
John: I really hope to get a chance to play with my new PC this weekend, see what games I can run on maximum for the sake of running on maximum.

(I had a quick go with Ark on max and got 19fps which was demoralising - what the heck PC do you need to have that on full?!) What's your favourite game for testing a new rig, human reader?

I'm also really hoping Inside PC code shows up too, as I'm looking forward to playing that - hearing good things.

Philippa: I'm on HOLIDAY! Maybe I will be lying in the garden, sunning myself and enjoying a fancy cocktail! Or, more likely I will be putting on my mac and watching the slugs and snails gallivanting around the garden and enjoying what is essentially an all-you-can-eat buffet. Maybe I'll try some basic gardening interventions to stem their tide, but that's a road that ends up with you playing tower defence against a horde of gastropods forever.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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