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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


It's July, isn't it? I should be saying something about sunshine and playing outside, shouldn't I? Since moving up from London to Edinburgh I've become confused about what seasons are meant to be, what the weather should be like. I think my internal clock is running two months slow. Thankfully, the seasons are (nearly) always the same for everyone everywhere in video games. Good old reliable virtual lands. Speaking of, what are you playing this weekend? He's what we're looking at:

Adam: I'm hunting for something new to play and might try Dead Age because, yeah it's zombies again, but it's a survival RPG with turn-based combat and all that other good stuff I enjoy. If it's naff, I'll probably end up playing short-form exploration and madness simulation Curious Expedition, which had a big update this week that I'd already have tried out if I hadn't spent most of the week travelling to Berlin and back.
Alec: I will be playing a latter-day Quake 1 mod campaign called Arcane Dimensions, which is beautiful and huge and clever and action-packed and does thing witch geometry and skyboxes of which the engine was never intended to be capable, but somehow looks entirely appropriate. Also it looks AMAZING on my ridiculous new 21:9 cruved monitor. The technology of the future to play the games of yesterday: I am entirely happy with this arrangement.
Alice: Satellite Reign adding co-op reminds me that I never did get around to playing this cyberpunk cyborg murderzone. I do like a spot of co-op Syndication - even that type. And if this weekend turns out as grim as it's looking, maybe I'll vanish into the darkness of Devil Daggers and try to become actually good at it. Hanging with skulls and satans is great - don't get me wrong - but I wish I could hang tough.
Graham: I spent last weekend dabbling in derelict searching in Duskers, and enjoyed my time immensely. I'm tempted to return this weekend for more robot shenanigans, but I've also found myself crafting the feel of a zippy platformer beneath my thumbs. I might give Inside a go, though I suspect it's weightier and more ponderous than I'm looking for. Maybe it's time I finally played Dustforce.
John: [Warning: John has gone rogue. None of our sensors can ascertain John's whereabouts. John is loose. If you think you see him, back away slowly while avoiding eye contact then retreat to a safe location and phone the RSPCA. Do not attempt to engage with him. Do not mistake him for a Gone Pokémon. Do not battle him.]
Philippa: This weekend I will not be playing Pokémon Go but I will be watching other people play Pokémon Go and try to work out how I feel about it. Kind of excited by the stories of togetherness, kind of uneasy about the massive amounts of location data and OH FOR GOODNESS SAKE I WAS PHOTOGRAPHING THAT INSECT IRL MOVE YOUR HOOVES

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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