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Wet Wandering: Lovely Weather We're Having Is Out

A nice playground

Edinburgh is currently a wee bit rainy. You can tell, because I took that screenshot of Lovely Weather We're Having [official site] up there ↑ about two minutes ago. I then wandered about a bit, kicked some boingy rocks, and leapt in the pond for a chat with a strange creature wearing a party hat. Lovely Weather, see, is an explore-o-playground game using time and weather data from the world outside your own window to affect its own world and the people in it. It's just launched the afternoon, and it is nice.

It's nice to can wander around, knock things about, make noises, chat with inhabitants, and generally see what's going on at different times. Creator Julian Glander says it's "designed to be played in 10-20 minute bursts" and yeah, it's nice to pop into. Pip liked it, Joe liked it, and I do too.

I did also enjoy reading what that nice man Rob Fearon (y'know, him out Death Ray Manta and War Twat) has to say about Lovely Weather and wanting "nice" games. He's right: Lovely Weather is nice, and nice things are nice.

Lovely Weather We're Having is out for Windows and Mac for about £5 on Steam, Itch, and, if you scroll down a bit, the Humble Store widget. Here's what The Real Ellen Degeneres thought:

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