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What are we all playing this weekend?


I cannot get over 5ive's song Battlestar, which I heard for the first time this week. 1) Come on, it's a banger. 2) Oh my god they reference Star Wars all the time. Sure, I may have started a post or two with an image of the wrong sci-fi series at some point in my career--entirely by accident, always, completely--but this is such a firm and confident and JOYOUS commitment to completely cacking it up that I beam every time the chorus starts. Logs show I listened to it twelve times in a row on Wednesday. I can only dream of being as great as 5ive.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Adam: [Adam is fired.]
Alec: [Alec is also fired. Lots of jobs to fill on Monday morning.]
Alice: I didn't finish my Bloodborne Kirkhammer run during my holiday last week, so I would like to work towards that. As much as I enjoy mashing monsters with a mallet and the all-or-nothing gamble of predicting enemy movements to wind up for big hits, Bloodborne isn't the same without a parrying pistol.

Back on PC, I'll have more Legendary Gary, the RPG with an RPG. Nice to have that music in my ears again, at least when I'm not looping Battlestar.

Brendan:I have arranged to render Matt braindead once again in cyberpunk card game Netrunner. He just can't help but poke his hacker nose into my corporate vaults, the misguided young man. Let's see, an auto-turret here, some firewalls there, a few private security guards over here. I daresay my servers are impenetr-- [siren noises] No... It can't be...
Graham: I been thinking a lot about JRPGs recently - since before this week's podcast covered it, even. It's a genre that sits mostly in a blindspot for me and I wonder if I'm missing out. I like the idea of big worlds to explore, with tactical combat and an entertaining band of characters by my site. I'm not excited at the thought of long grind, anime bullshit, and empty fantasy fields, however. I think I've therefore settled on trying Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen this weekend. It's Japanese and an RPG, but probably not a JRPG.
John: If I get to play anything this weekend, it'll have to be three-year-old friendly. Although recent times have offered plenty of that, with my boy loving both Subnautica and Fe. Might whirr either of those up to fill the infinite stretch of weekend hours.
Katharine: I'm being subjected to my hen party tomorrow, so my usual Sunday Xenoblade Chronicles 2 marathon is most certainly out unfortunately. I will, however, be squeezing in as much Xenoblade as I can today, and I might also start a bit of Fe to help me prepare for the horrors that await tomorrow. Wish me luck.
Matt: I'll be sneaking around Metal Gear Survive, reluctantly crafting clean drinking water and slaughtering innocent sheep so I can get back to the surprisingly good stealth bits. Metal Gear with zombies actually works, but after playing Rust last week I'm getting pretty tired of filling thirst and hunger metres.

(Except in you, Subnautica. You're still cool.)

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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