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What are we all playing this weekend?


I don't have anything fancy to say for this week's preamble.

What are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Adam: Adam is on holiday! Good for him.
Alec: I'm supposed to be playing whack-a-rat in Vermintide 2, but I still have a couple of pilots left to find in Into The Breach, so let's not kid ourselves here, eh?
Alice: I've just got my first Yakuza game and am very excited to sing karaoke, hit salarymen with bicycles, and be kind to children, which I believe is what the series is about? I'm also being treated with a visit to B&Q, where I shall hang around the screw section and disapprovingly hiss in air as nervous young dads umming and ahhing over which type they need finally grab a pack. You're going to put shelves up above your kiddy's bed with 15mm zinc-plated woodscrews? Terrible mistake pet, terrible mistake.
Brendan: I am going to scoot about with the boyz in Final Fantasy XV. I'm going to a real stag party next weekend, so I have to practice my friendship skills. I might also finish cyberpunk bartending adventure The Red Strings Club, because there is intrigue I have not yet un-intrigued.
Graham: I'll be hanging out with the boys of Final Fantasy XV. Everyone was right: the photography and the food make all the difference. I've been playing a bunch of JRPGs over the past month and most of them take so long to get going and build their cast and the world that I've normally stopped playing before it happens, but for some reason camping, toast and browsing photos has grounded me much faster in FFXV.
John: I've got a clear plate at the moment - a couple of games I'm reviewing, but trying to avoid work this weekend. I think it'll be a games free weekend, this one. If there's free time to be had, it'll likely be spent with Jessica Jones.
Katharine: Now that the country hasn't been ground to a halt because of 3cm of snow, this weekend is now full of all the wedding stuff I had to put off last week, namely actually getting my hoofin' dress fitted. With lots of trains in my immediate future, I'll most likely be passing the time with yet more Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on my Switch over the next few days, before returning to Final Fantasy XV for some more 4K toast action once it's all over.
Matt: It's another board gamey weekend for me. I'm headed to my normal fortnightly group on Friday, then to Lancaster for a whole day of the things with some uni friends. Hopefully I can some Vermintide 2 in in between.

I'll also be playing Slay the Spire's daily challenge mode.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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