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What new gaming subscription service would you want?

Are you even interested?

One-off purchases are out, and recurring payments are in. Subscription services are hot again, with publishers from EA to Ubisoft giving access to their games for monthly fees, Stadia charging for better cloud gaming, Fortnite considering fashion subs, and so many companies threatening to send boxes of tat to your door. So few seem worth it. But I'm curious: if you could create a new gaming subscription service, what would you want? I'd be tempted by The Sims.

I would like the play The Sims with all its dozens of expansions and content packs, but I'll never buy them. If I could pay a monthly fee for access to the lot? I'd have a go. EA do have The Sims 4 on their subscription service, EA Play, but not with all the goodies. So, whatever.

What about you, reader dear? Physical, digital, access, bonuses, social opportunities... whatever you want, what is? Are you even interested in subs?

I use some subscription services myself but haven't gone all-in. I still buy music on Bandcamp on top of paying for Spotify. But I very rarely pay for TV shows or films (outside of cinemas, obvs) because there are so many more good ones than I'll ever have time to watch that I'm broadly okay with whatever happens to be on Netflix (lately: Christmas films). And I pay Stitcher Premium for podcast bonus episodes. I have Patreon subs to some artists. But I don't use Xbox Game Pass even if I recognise it is a phenomenal bargain because, I don't know, it still seems a weird prospect to me. I think I've found the issue which makes me officially old and stuck in my ways. Though I suppose I've bought the past two years of Destiny 2 expansions and season passes, which is essentially an annual subscription.

I swear to god, I hadn't even considered the RPS Supporter Program when I thought of asking. This isn't an ad or owt.

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