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What the Golf? devs’ utterly bizarre racing game What the Car? escapes mobile onto Steam this year

Drive, sprint, swim, fish, chop, cook, fly, sing…

A car in a chef's hat chops a carrot in zany racing game What the Car?
Image credit: Triband

What the Car? is a zany racing game in which you are a car with legs that must race around various courses to get the best time possible. Except sometimes you’re not just a car with legs, you’re also a car with a jetpack. Or with wings. Or swimming. Or singing. It’s from the folks behind the similarly absurd What the Golf?, and it’s coming to Steam this year.

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Like What the Golf?, What the Car? started life as an Apple Arcade exclusive over on iOS last spring. Developers Triband have now confirmed their madcap racer will be driving/sprinting/flying/paddling its way onto PC, offering the chance to partake in car-aoke, fishing minigames and even a spot of car-based cookery using your keyboard instead of prodding a screen.

What the Car? is ostensibly a racing game about making your way through hundreds of different levels as quickly as possible, with each course shaking things up by introducing bizarre new mechanics or modes of traversal - be it the need to deliver packages as you go, ski or jump over a skipping rope. Between races, there’s a bit of exploration, treasure-finding and puzzle-solving on the game’s level-select map.

Two halves of a car attached by a stretchy middle cross a gap in absurd racing game What the Car?
Image credit: Triband

On top of the many, many levels showcasing the devs’ talent for the weird and wonderful, What the Car? has a level editor allowing for sharing user-made courses, complete with a leaderboard so you can boast about being the best strange car to your pals.

Triband are yet to give What the Car? a PC release date beyond just “2024” sometime, but we know it’ll be legging its way onto Steam when it arrives.

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