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What are we all playing this weekend?


As we say in the industry: "games on!" The Game Developers Conference is next week, and always brings a few good surprises, retrospectives, and just plain interesting looks at the craft of making games. We've sent Pip and Adam out to chase developers down corridors, snapping them with unflattering flashes, and yelling invasive questions. I normally go myself, with The Wild Rumpus rather than RPS (look for the Mild Rumpus if you're going!), but this year am stuck here with your rabble. We may as well try to get on. Tell me: what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on.

Adam: No PC games for me this weekend. I'm flying to San Francisco on Saturday for GDC and wandering the city on Sunday. I'll be wishing I could play Football Manager on the flight, or that the new edition of Out of the Park Baseball were already out. But no - I'll be reading and listening to podcasts. Thanks to people who recommended podcasts last weekend, including The Lost Cat, which awaits my attention!
Alec: It's my birthday on sunday, a fact I am going to avoid by sneaking out the house before anyone else wakes up and catching the first train to anywhere with lots of trees. I will then play the Sitting On A Bench And Sighing game for eight hours.
Alice: I'd like to get my Isaac daily runs in, play Night in the Woods, maybe check out the Ghost Recon Wildlands open beta, and sleep for 56 hours straight. Something's got to give. Handily, I recently signed up for Shudder (Netflix for horror movies) and, while Cara is away, I keep watching scary things late at night in the dark of this old, cold flat of ours. So long, sleep!
Brendan: I'll be berserking my way to the nearest spike pit in For Honor, most likely. Then quitting the game in frustration after the tenth random disconnect. Night in the Woods might be a good remedy for all the warring I've been doing lately in this broken headstomper. However, it's currently roasting in my part of the earth and it's possible I'll just be lying next to the open fridge all weekend swallowing ice cubes like cod liver oil tablets.
Graham: I've been playing Death Road to Canada and being quietly shocked that we haven't written a proper feature before about it before now. It's an Oregon Trail-style road trip disaster in which you fight zombies with guns, frying pans and other found objects while searching for food, fuel and bullets, and then clamber in your car to drive on to the next town. Along the way your team's morale will dip, they'll fall out, and they'll betray one another; yesterday a genetically modified traveller stole our car and made off with most of our supplies after I tried to rob a shopkeeper and he blew himself up, injuring us all. Good times.
John: Oh gosh, after a week where I've had to take most of the days off, my pile of unplayed games is threateningly high. My son's sick, I think I'm likely getting it too, and goodness me, I just want to sit and play some games.

Fortunately I'm having the good sense to have my gall bladder removed in a couple of weeks, and then I'm forced to sit still for ages. GAMES, I WILL COME FOR YOU.

Philippa: This weekend I will be playing the game of getting to GDC in one piece and accompanied by as much of my luggage as possible. Videogames are very much next week's consideration, although I might sneak in a bit of Picross on my phone or go for a round of some kind of limb-Tetris as I attempt to get comfy in my seat...

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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