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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


We've now only a third of the year left and crumbs, the list of games from this year I want to catch up on is already flipping huge. Is it fine if I just keep playing Devil Daggers? I'll keep playing Devil Daggers until someone tells me not to. Here's what the rest of Team RPS plan to play this weekend, but what about yourself?

Adam: I'll probably play some Deus Ex because, heck, it's stealth and cyber-stabbing. I'm tempted to shrug off the whole "non-lethal no-kill playthrough" approach and just straight up murder everything between me and the end of the game. Might make a nice change of pace.Mostly, I'll be playing The Curious Expedition though. The 1.0 release is just around the corner and my latest group of explorers found something that looks very much like The Lament Configuration. This is a very good game. Between the dinosaurs and the [REDACTED], there's plenty of fun to be had simply watching the world collapse or burn as you pilfer idols.
Alec: I'm playing 'remove the awful stench of 48 hours of gut disease from my house.' It's like Viscera Cleanup Detail but with the awful knowledge that all the horror is basically your fault. Once done with that, I guess I'll chip away some more at Deus Ex MD, even though it's still failing to truly excite me. Might check out Warlock At Firetop Mountain, based on the pretence that I can remember anything at all about the original Fighting Fantasy book.
Alice: Devil Daggers. Now go away and leave me to my satans.
Brendan: The cyber-downtrodden are screaming out to be saved by me, Adam Jensen, so I will probably try to rob more bank vaults and murder one or two corrupt police officials, and then saunter around the bars of Prague telling strangers about the Illuminati. I also mean to lose another five placement matches in Overwatch's new season and explore the new castle map, discovering all the nooks, crannies and passageways, and then dying in them. If my desire for bloodshed remains voluminous, I might return to Rimworld and find a weird scenario on the Workshop to play through. Because nothing dampens a man's spirit like dying in the rain of a foreign planet from an infectious rat bite.
Graham: I don't know! I could continue with Attack On Titan, for the frivolous fun of separating giants from their limbs. I could pursue more Overland, for the grim fun of leading tiny people on a road trip to their inevitable demise. I could try out Pan-Pan, to bask in its pastel colours and flatshaded 3D world. It feels good to feel done with No Man's Sky and Deus Ex Mankind Divided and to be able to spend time with smaller, more surprising games.
John: You know, it's going to be No Man's Sky. I can't stop playing. I can't really justify that, either. I've maxed out my suit inventory, my multitool and I just spent 20 million units on a 37 slot ship, and yet I still feel the desire to make another 50m for a 48 slot ship. And then what? Do what with it? What is a wrong with me? There are much better games I could be playing. But this is what I know I'll boot up.
Philippa: [Pip is absent this weekend. As her dearest dear friend, I feel it falls to me to launch a deceptively bumbling investigation, defusing surly businessmen and sneaky hunters with charm and apparent ineptness, tricking them into revealing what they know. I call it... Cool Murders, She Wrote. It's what Pip would want.]

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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