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What are we all playing this holiday weekend?


Happy Easter, gang! This is an extra-long holiday weekend for us here in the RPS treehouse so we'll be back on Tuesday. I'd tell some lousy story about us stuffing our faces with Cadbury Creme Eggs but let's face it: they're terrible. They are a punishment. We deserve better than those sickly lumps. And now we can have better. Tesco this year started selling Reese's Peanut Butter Creme Eggs and good grief, they are fantastic. I know, American big-brand chocolate tastes like it's spent three years in a shoebox, but the big glob of peanutness makes these sing. I am declaring them the Official RPS Egg of Easter. It is settled. No arguments. We'll see you again on Tuesday.

What are you playing (and eating) this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

Adam: It's opening day of the baseball season over in the USA, so I'll be playing the new version of Out of the Park Baseball. And maybe Far Cry 5. I have genuinely installed and uninstalled it twice since release without actually clicking play. I don't know what's wrong with me. I hear about animal adventures and want to play, I hear about boring plot and I decide not to waste my time.

I've just installed it again.

Alec: Alec has been fired.
Alice: I might check out Fortnite Battle Royale, partially so I can seem WELL COOL to teenagers and also because I'm curious. I hear it's a lot less janky than Plunkbat, which is... I like some of the jank, but I'm also up for trying something cleaner and more arcade-y. Let's see. Just don't tell the laaads. Beyond that, I'm trying to find ways to shoehorn Bloodborne and Yakuza 6 into RPS conversations because I'm still pottering around both on PS4 and they're still wild.
Brendan: I will crack on in Far Cry 5, despite my reservations about a boring, by-the-book baddie and a landscape that doesn't interest me nearly as much as the holiday destinations from previous games. I'm persevering because Alec tells me there's a mad scientist with a teleportation machine and some druggy moose in the forest. If it's bad, I'll fall back on Final Fantasy XV, the other bad game.
Graham: I'm going to continue playing Far Cry 5. I think I like it a good deal less than Alec (and maybe John), but that's partly because I think I liked Far Cry 4 more than them. Far Cry 4 was mostly fun and frivolous in a beautiful, colourful world, and while it still had plenty of the same story and structure flaws, I'm finding I miss Pagan Min. If I have to watch long cutscenes starring kerrazy people, at least let them be pink suited Bond villains rather than beardy bores.
John: I imagine I'll be sneaking in games of Far Cry 5 during the break, as there's little else on my roster right now. Although I also need to find something more friendly for the boy to come in and watch, as I've turned away his sad little face too many times already for FC5 workplay.
Katharine: Katharine is still on holiday.
Matt: Matthew is still on holiday.

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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