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What Are We All Playing This Weekend?


Shhhh shhh shh. This mug is still shaking off a day-old hangover so go easy on your Auntie Alice, who thinks she's still so young and wild and cool. Come come, little one - pull your chair close and tell your favourite aunt what you're playing this weekend.

Adam: This weekend I'm playing Escape From RPS, a brilliant new open world game in which I spend not only the weekend but the entire week that follows AWAY FROM MY COMPUTER. Yes, readers, I'm taking a holiday. And I definitely wont' be spending any of my time in the hotel room marrying off my kids in my latest Crusader Kings 2 misadventure. Just when I thought I was out...
Alec: I'm going to check out Twin Peaks does 30 Flights fast-cut adventure Virgina this weekend, even though I've heard some mighty divisive things about it. I really dug its dreamy-but-paranoid vibe when I tried a demo on a noisy showfloor a couple of EGXs ago, and I'd like to recapture that half-comforted, half-disorientated feeling even if denouements and whatnot don't push every button.
Alice: I'm breaking my policy of 'Don't play anything but Devil Daggers because it's just not worth it, okay' this weekend to check out Virginia. A nice, quiet, sinister, murderous small town with a supernatural tinge will do me nicely this weekend, thank you very much. Warm colours, a gentle pace, and dreams of being pals with Dana Scully.
Brendan: I finally escaped from the tutorial LAN in Hackmud after 4 hours of petty cybercrime, mostly composed of mistyping {these annoying brackets}. I emerged into a chamber of hacker chatter and was confronted with other players brandishing aliases like "coldfront", "bitstorm" and "bluscreen". I think I'm going to like it here. If I can't scriptkiddie my way into somebody's virtual bank account, I'll probably run away and try Event[0]. Because all time spent on my computer must be spent in front of another computer, inside that computer. Some day I'll get another layer deep.
Graham: I still don't know! There's lots of games I want to play but very little time to play them. That means I'll probably play something I can get in and out of quickly. PES 2017, perhaps, which I have been convinced to play by Adam's review but which I am so far struggling with due to its not-FIFA-ness.
John: I fully intend to play The Uncertain this weekend, and if I don't manage it because Real Life gets in the way, then I'm going to play it on Monday instead. I don't know if it's any good - that's why I'm going to play it. Also also plan to replay Sorcery! all the way through from the beginning again, this time being a complete prick (and in the game), but (shhhhh) most likely on my phone.

Oh god I'm going to play No Man's Sky, aren't I?

Philippa: This weekend I might take Duelyst out for a spin. I refused last week because HOLIDAY and then I didn't this week because HOLIDAY INBOX AND ALSO DESTINY AND... Oh. I'll be playing Destiny, won't I? Well, they both begin with D so it's basically the same thing, yes?

But you, dearest reader, what are you playing?

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