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It's Coming Home: Five Nights At Freddy's 4 In August

Visiting a child's bedroom

Over eleven months and three games, Five Nights at Freddy's [official site] has terrified more children than I could hope to in a lifetime. Imagine their snotty little faces peeking out from beneath blankets at night, bottom lips quivering. The fools. Five Nights at Freddy's 4 will despoil this final sanctum, bringing animatronic jumpscare horrors into a normal home and a child's bedroom. Let's see you sleep now, kiddies. Creator Scott Cawthon may be my new hero.

A new trailer shows off this setting and brings word that the game's release date has been bumped up from Halloween to August 4th - the one-year anniversary of the first game's release.

Cover image for YouTube video

First off, dang! Four games out in one year! That's pretty impressive. And three of them have been pretty big hits. Some grumbleguts always seems to pipe up that they're not the most sophisticated games but sheesh, give it up. I've been impressed by the series inspiring a big fan community, with folks who pore over details to draw up theories about what's going on (a serial killer murdered kids at the pizzeria and stuffed them into the animatronic animals, goes one theory) and many who make their own Five Nights-inspired games.

When I looked back in January, I found 217 Five Nights fan games. I went to update this list recently but they now number in the thousands, and I do not have sufficient time or copy/paste finger stamina for that.

A couple of YouTubers also have word that Five Nights will still be spooking up Halloween, with a free update bringing something chilling.

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