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Point 'N' Click 'N' Scream: NightCry Due This Spring 


You can get lost for hours, if you start digging for information and material around NightCry. It's an horror game developed by Nude Maker, a Japanese all-star team led by Clock Tower creator Kono Hifumi, and it's now lined up to launch this spring. We've not posted about NightCry since its 2015 Kickstarter to fund a PC version of what would have otherwise remained a mobile-only game, so let's see how it's looking.

Let's get the basics out of the way first: NightCry is a 3D point-and-click horror in which, like its spiritual predecessor Clock Tower, you will you run away and hide, rather than fight back at the game's main enemy, the Scissorwalker. The story takes place on a cruise ship, where people will start turning up inexplicably dead. The game will alternate between quietly tense moments of exploration and frantic escapes from the Scissorwalker, using tools or hiding places as best as you can to save your life.

Here's a look at a recent alpha build sent to Kickstarter backers, played by 'GuardianE':

I'm also fond of the fascinating - and fascinatingly trashy - 12-minute live-action film released last year to introduce the world of NightCry. But my favourite is hands-down the Kickstarter page. I love the concept art for this game, I wish I could download all those images and use them as my desktop background. Unfortunately they're all low-res versions. Is this a cunning plan to get me to buy the artbook?

NightCry is coming out this spring for Windows via Steam and Playism (DRM-free plus Steam key). It'll cost $24.99.

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