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No Man's Sky Blasting Off On June 21st, Priced At £40


When our Pip recently explored a corner of the procedurally-generated universe of No Man's Sky [official site], almost dying of cold then getting in trouble with the space-National Trust, developers Hello Games had a fifty-metre thing in the middle of the room. Covered with a shimmering velvet curtain and guarded by a 32-piece marching band, the cloaked object hummed, buzzed, roared, and occasionally released bees. It was, of course, a monolith inscribed with the game's release date. It remained covered, though some bees did escape. All of that definitely happened.

Today, the news is out: No Man's Sky will launch on June 21st, and will cost £39.99.

No Man's Sky will be £39.99/$59.99/€59.99 from Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store. This is indeed the same figure which leaked the other day, the figure which Adam and Graham had a little chat about.

Pre-orders are live but don't pre-order, eh? Even if it will get you a mildly upgraded ship thrown in on top. But do read Pip's preview! You can hear about, say, about meeting aliens:

"I head to a nearby alien building in hopes of finding some resources and fall into conversation with a scientist I find there. I use the term “conversation” loosely. He says something but I only understand a fraction of the words. The rest is written in the Korvax language which shows up as an alien alphabet on screen. As you play you will find ways to learn these languages – there are monoliths which help teach you, for example."

[Disclosure: oh gosh, I used to be pally with a member of Hello Games but I was terrible at staying in touch and we haven't seen each other in ages and I did sorta move to Scotland without saying anything so, er - look, I'm not good at being friends, how much more soul-baring do you want this to be? Pip can tell you I'm awful too, if you want.]

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