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Co-op Kitchen Calamity In Overcooked This August

Too many cooks (too many cooks!)

Team 17 have upped their publishing game in recent years, grabbing as many indie cubs from the wild as possible and nursing them to adulthood. Overcooked [official site] by Ghost Town Games is one of those little nibblers. It's a co-op cooking game for up to 4 players. You have to work together to prepare food for hungry customers before they get miffed and leave your restaurant unsatisfied. It's coming out on August 3, the creators have announced. Come check out the release trailer and see what happens when too many cooks (too many cooks) spoil the broth.

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Pip had a go at Rezzed this year and made some burgers with unhelpful strangers on the deck of a rolling pirate ship. Soon you'll be able to host your own cooking misadventures messing up such simple recipes as: burritos, fish and/or chips, and "soup". It also features a single player campaign for those of you who dislike humanity, with an adventure that will see you becoming the top chef of the endangered onion kingdom. Good luck with that. I hate onions.

The setting for your kitchens will be volcanoes, street festivals, haunted houses, outer space and more. But my favourite is probably the speeding trucks pictured above because it looks like what could be happening inside the trucks from this Gang Beasts level. For the competitive types there's also a versus mode that has players get in each other's way on purpose, rather than accidentally putting milk in the mincemeat. So have fun doing that at your next shindig.

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