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Syberia 3 release date announced for really reals

It's been a while

Almost seven years after it was originally slated to launch, Syberia 3 [official site] will probably almost definitely come out in April. Microids have announced a release date of April 20th for Europe, 21st for the UK, and the 25th for North America, though Steam just says the 20th for me so it looks like the digital release is all #nooceans. I've not played the steampunk-ish adventure game series before but apparently this one is telling a new story, and I must say my interest is piqued after seeing an owl with a backpack, giant snow ostriches, and a mahoosive octopus in a new trailer. Have a look:

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What's going on there? Microids say:

"The story begins when Kate is found left for dead on a shore by the Youkol tribe, a nomadic people caring for their snow ostriches during migration. Trapped, prisoners in the city of Valsembor, they will have to find together a way to continue their journey in a chase against their enemies and unexpected challenges. While at the same time, Kate’s past is catching up with her..."

As for how the series connects, Microids say that 3 is "a brand new tale, completely different from the first two Syberia games." A 'the continuing adventures of Kate Walker' dealio, I think, rather than a 'part 3'.

Syberia 3 will cost £29.99/39,99€/$39.99 when it arrives for Windows and Mac in April. After all the years of delays, surely Microids wouldn't announce specific release dates if they weren't confident they could meet them? Oh, and it will also be available on something called a 'DVD' in something called a 'case' in somewhere called 'the world'.

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