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Windy Meadow is expanding the text-based world of Roadwarden

A Roadwarden Tale, coming to PC this year

Roadwarden was one of many fantastic mystery games from last year, and fans of the text-based RPG can now look forward to solving more secrets from the world with Windy Meadow - A Roadwarden Tale, coming to PC later this year.

Windy Meadow is set in the same fantasy world as Roadwarden and similarly presents a slice-of-life story that can branch out depending on your choices. This time, though, you’ll be following three protagonists in their interweaving day-to-day lives.

Windy Meadow’s press release teases the stories of Vena, Fabel, and Iudicia: “Will talented huntress Vena depart the harmonious but harmless village and leave her family behind in pursuit of riches with a merchant guild? Can Fabel finally embrace his talents, ditching the figurative shackles of his difficult past as he chases his dream of becoming a famous bard? And will outsider and herbalist Iudicia take hold of her love life, choosing not to marry a man she doesn’t really love at the risk of leading a lonely future?”

Unlike its predecessor, Windy Meadows is placing a heavier emphasis on its art. Roadwarden included a pixel art sidebar of whatever environment you were exploring, while also fleshing out the scenes through in-game prose. Windy Meadow, on the other hand, features gorgeous animated side-scrolling scenes, and replaces the original’s written descriptions with lots of dialogue.

In our Roadwarden review, Jay Castello gave a special mention to its fantasy setting, saying “the peninsula truly feels like a place with a deep history, and particularly one where humans and nature have an uneasy coexistence… Roadwarden’s command of sensory invocation is fantastic.”

You can check out Windy Meadow’s (mostly) peaceful views in a free Itch.io demo, while a Steam demo will drop later in April.

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