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Wings, Commanders: Ensign-1

What with Jim being dead, John imprisoned for stalking Kim Kardashian, Adam suffering another one of his 'Nam flashbacks and Nathan turning out to be just a figment of our imagination, I find myself manning the controls of the dread ship RPS alone today, and thus unable to actually play videogames. Hence, I can only inform you about games' existence, not attest to their quality first-hand.

Yesterday I was playing a game by Almost Human, this morning I posted about a game by Human Head and now I'm writing one about a game by Only Human. THERE ARE TOO MANY HUMANS. At least Only Human's game doesn't, unlike the other two, involve bothering monsters in dungeons. Ensign-1 is an indie space combat game with a sort of FPS sub-game wherein "players leave their ships on foot to commandeer turrets, and other starships." It's just released a paid alpha version, which you can pick up from Desura to help fund the game's ongoing development.

It's clearly very early doors for the project, but this chance to get in on the ground floor means you both to follow its evolution closely and potentially even shape it. It looks to be coming along well at least, even if it's on the lo-fi side. Here is space:

And here is man-shoot. Well, robo-shoot. Reminds me of Dark Forces, for some reason:

FPS Tease - Indie DB

If that looks like your cup of spacetea (which tastes slightly like Earl Gray, but more meteoritey), you can Alphafund on Desura here. The price will rise as the game's development matures, so up to you whether you want to fork out less now, when it's still somewhat unproven, or more later when its greatability or not is better understood. It's like online gambling, this.

I've got a copy of the current alpha, which I will take a look at as soon as the rest of the RPS team have come back to life, been released, returned to sanity and been made corporeal by the concentrated psychic hope and faith of humanity respectively.

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