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Wingspan's digital adaptation flocks to Steam today

Bird and Board.

I am, sadly, no closer to my life's goal of befriending a flock of crows. But thanks to Wingspan, I can at least pretend to be mates will all manner of feathered friends without fear of being pecked to death. Following last year's stellar tabletop edition, Wingspan's aviary collect-a-thon comes to roost on Steam with a digital adaptation, out now.

As any good nature conservationist will know, creating bird sanctuaries is a highly competitive business. Here, go and watch vidbud Matthew run the game through before you even consider setting up sanctuary in this neck of the woods again.

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Wingspan, in short, is a game about gathering the best and brightest birds under your enclosures. Each bird you gather earns victory points, but also plays its own abilities, each a nice nod to the animal's real-world behaviours - Geese will form flocks, owls will hunt mice, pelicans will swoop up fish and so on.

Habitats, too, favour particular kinds of feathered friends, and you'll want a nice spread to attract a good variety, turning your santuaries into efficient, bird-generating powerhouses. Wingspan was a hoot (cool owl joke) when it launched in cardboard form last year - and from the looks of it, Monster Couch's digital adaptation looks to keep a good deal of that magic.

Vidbud Matthew wasn't the only RPS'er (or even the only Matt) to take a shot at Wingspan for us. Former young'un, staff writer Matt Cox reckoned it was one of the best strategy demos at this summer's Steam Festival, a wonderful adaptation of a top-notch board game that's best played "sitting back and tinkering with your nests, while sipping a cup of tea and listening to the nice music".

Wingspan is out now on Steam for £15.29/€17.99/$17.99 . If you're reading this as it's posted, you'll have just missed the vidbuts revisiting Wingspan over on our PAX X EGX Indies Uncovered stream. Oops.

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