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World Of Tanks Generals Card Game Closed Beta Opens

Collectible closed beta.

Where Blizzard tread, so the world follows - which I suppose is good news if you like digital card games based on existing multiplayer franchises. World of Tanks Generals [official site] is specifically good news if you like tanks and if the existing free-to-play shooter hasn't yet sated your appetite for making them fight. It's a turn-based, one-on-one, free-to-play card game in the same mold as , and you can now apply to enter its closed beta.

World of Tanks Generals follows the normal genre formula of deck-building, PvP matches and PvE practice. It at least differentiates itself somewhat by making battlefield positioning an important part of your tactics: you're not just picking and playing cards, but placing and moving them on a grid to outmaneuver your foes. Like actual tanks.

American, German and Russian actual tanks are available in the game, and your deck also contains headquarters, artillery, special orders that can be issued to your units, squads of infantry and more.

I like World of Tanks a lot, because it's basically Counter-Strike with angry houses, but I've yet to get into a digital card game. That's mostly because I recoil in fear whenever I start to feel myself enjoying playing them. Bad enough that I buy virtual football sticks in FIFA Ultimate Team without spending more to unlock better wizard cards.

How many times do you think I'm going to get this game mixed up with the mobile-only World of Tanks Blitz? I'm betting about a thousand. Here's a trailer which explains the basic principles of what it is, if not how it plays.

Watch on YouTube

The World of Tanks Generals website is down at the time of writing, presumably because people are hammering it for a chance to play.

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